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Why do you need an Emily C necklace?

  • Keep your rings sparkling and clean: wear them on your necklace while washing your hands, applying lotion or sunscreen, cooking, cleaning your home, or gardening.
  • Don't let your ring get scuffed, scratched, or damaged during workouts or home improvement projects, or, worse, lost because you left it in a locker or pocket, or precariously perched on a countertop.
  • Never again worry that you will leave your ring at the manicurist.
  • Emily C offers a perfect solution for those moments when your fingers swell, whether on an occasional basis or as a result of pregnancy, making wearing your rings uncomfortable.
  • Doctors, nurses, and other professionals who are required to remove rings for medical or hygenic purposes will find their Emily C necklace invaluable.  Hair stylists love it because they can wear their rings without clients' hair getting snagged. Massage therapists love it too.
  • No need to rely on your jewelry holder or the dish by the sink anymore, where your rings will be safe but never seen. Wear them proudly on your necklace!

Emily C necklaces are an ideal gift for any woman:

  • The newly engaged or newly married daughter, sister, friend, or wife
  • The bride who wants to hold her groom's wedding band close to her heart as she walks down the aisle
  • The newly pregnant mother-to-be
  • The graduate from medical or nursing school
  • The perfect anniversary, birthday, or Christmas gift