June 17, 2014: "Christina Logan Design"

At CLD, we constantly get our hands dirty: arranging flowers and plants, moving furniture and chairs around, making crafts, cooking, and in a few months, diapers! Of course, we never mind this, but something always tends to get in the way when we are in the midst of such crazy things… our wedding rings! We adore the rings that our husbands endeavored to find for us, so of course we (and all other brides and wives everywhere!) need to protect them.

December 20, 2013: "Blonder Ambitions"

If you're a last minute holiday shopper {ahem... like I am} then here are some ideas to add to your list. Done shopping? Treat yourself to something. Still not done shopping? Treat yourself anyway.

December 28, 2012: "Blocks'n'Bling"
Our dear friend and jewelry designer Emily Crittenden’s creations are simply a must for any lady who, like we do, loves to be decked in jewelry but also likes to get her hands dirty (or clean!) This lovely creature has created a line of elegant necklaces that double as stylish ring holders. The ring slides around the pendant on the necklace, and voila, your precious ring is safe and secure, and you are free to finger paint, garden, do the dishes, or engage in any other activity in which you would rather not have your ring involved.

November 12, 2012 issue: "Woman's World Magazine"
Worry you'll lose your ring when you take it off for a manicure? Emily C is a line of pendant necklaces that allow you to secure your ring whenever you slip it off your finger!

October 19, 2012: "Shi Shi Putter"
I always take my wedding rings off when I play.  These beautiful necklaces by Emily C give you a way to wear them when they aren’t on your finger.  Your rings easily slip on and off the charm without having to remove the necklace. 

September 25, 2012: "iVillage"
No more dropping that favorite ring down the drain or forgetting it in a corner of the salon. This pretty necklace actually doubles as a storage solution; the smart design lets you quickly attach a ring while wearing it. Stash (and showcase) your sparkler, while you cook, clean, work out, get a manicure or wash your hands. 

September 23, 2012: "Adore"
One of my most cherished rings is my eternity band I received as a 5 years of wedded bliss gift from my rad hubby. However, as most ladies who own an eternity band know, they are super hard to keep clean and protect. With my amazing little necklace from Emily I just slip my band right on! I love it SO MUCH. Just had to share! Ladies, if you love your ring – go get one!

September 19, 2012: "Fitzness"
How often do your fret over where to store your rings while working out? We all know that weight lifting, boot camps, boxing and other sorts of exercises just don’t work as well while wearing rings on your fingers. Plus, this type of activity can be damaging to our precious metals and stones. This necklace by Emily C offers a great alternative to leaving rings in stressful places like cars, lockers or pockets. It’s also great to use while doing household chores or removing pressure when pregnant fingers swell. Do we really want to take off our best jewelry and leave it behind? Of course not!

August 17, 2012: "LearnLove"
A genius new idea! We know you don't like to part with your ring but these special necklace allows you to slip it on without unclasping to keep it safe or show-off a special heirloom ring. Designed by Emily C, we think this one fabulous idea!! 

August 1, 2012: "BrideBuzz"
For generations, engaged and married women have all pondered over an important question: What should I do with my ring when I want to take it off?

Many women decide never to remove their rings, which is definitely a way to keep from losing them. Unfortunately, it’s also a sure way to a grimy, dirty and dull diamond, not to mention a scuffed-up band.

But where to put it when you take it off so that you’re sure not to lose it? Too many women have lost their rings by putting them at the edge of a sink and knocking them in, or leaving them on the counter at the manicurist. Putting your ring in a dish or ring holder is smart, but no one can admire the sparkle because you’re not wearing it!

Finally, we have the perfect answer.

July 20, 2012: ""
I can't count how many times I head out for a walk and then realize I still have my ring on. I need to take it off so hand swelling doesn't become uncomfortable. Where do you stash your ring when this happens to you? Amphora by Emily C is a patent-pending necklace that works as a secure ring-keeper. The innovative part of it is that you don't have to unhook or remove the necklace to put your ring on it. Instead, the design lets you slip it through the scallop or heart pendant and the chain helps keep it secure. Put a ring on it!

July 16, 2012: ""
Swollen fingers are often a normal part of pregnancy – however this can get uncomfortable to wear your rings. Most doctors suggest to watch your sodium intake and to drink plenty of water to help alleviate swollen hands, however what should you do with your wedding ring?

You should remove your wedding ring or other ring once your fingers swell and they start feeling tight. One stylish idea so you are still wearing your special ring is with the Amphora necklace. The Amphora by Emily C necklace allows you to attach the ring to the necklace quickly and securely – without unclasping or unhooking the chain. This necklace gives you a stylish and secure way to display your ring!

June 25, 2012: "Accessories Magazine"
Amphora by Emily C necklaces actually double as chic ring holders, giving wearers a convenient place to store a ring safely without having to set it down on a counter...

April 14, 2012: "Style Me Pretty"
Your engagement ring is one of the most important pieces of jewelry you own – and if it were up to you, you’d NEVER take it off. Unfortunately, life gets in the way… and when it comes time to do those everyday tasks that can dirty up your ring (putting on lotion, cooking, working out), you want a secure place to keep it safe. Well, lovelies – meet Amphora by Emily C...

Mar 26, 2012: "Gem Gossip" blog
Amphora, the necklace that holds your rings in times where you are not able to wear them...

Mar 23, 2012: "Bridal Bar Blog"
Did your friend recently get engaged and you don’t know what to get her? Or perhaps he's looking for a gift to go with that shinny new ring he gave you. We have the perfect gift idea for you! Now, we all love our bling, and of course we don’t want to get it dirty or dare we say lost, so leave it to a recent bride-to--be to invent the solution! We've found the most handy addition to your jewelry collection that beats the ordinary ‘ring on a chain’ Carrie Bradshaw look. The Amphora by Emily C is the new way to showcase and store your beautiful ring...

Feb 28, 2012: "Pregnant Chicken" blog
You guys are going to love this, I just know it! It's possibly one of the most baffling feats of magic I have ever witnessed outside of Kim Kardashian's fame. Amphora is a patent pending necklace that lets you quickly attach your most cherished ring (or rings), without unclasping or removing the chain...

Jan 25, 2012: CAST promotion
Amphora by Emily C is a beautiful, patent pending necklace that lets you quickly attach your wedding, engagement, or other cherished rings, without unclasping the chain...

Jan 23, 2012: "The Orange Drawer" Facebook page

Jan 2, 2012: "{this is glamorous}" blog
Today's give-away is from Los Angeles-based Amphora by Emily C, who make the most stunning necklaces that are not only lovely in & of themselves, but also function as elegant keepers of one's favourite rings. Perfect for Valentine's Day and perfectly practical for any day of the week, Amphora is a patent pending necklace that allows one to quickly & easily attach a beloved ring [or rings], without unclasping or removing the chain . . .



"I received my Emily C Heart as a gift and find myself wondering how I lived without it these ten years I’ve been married! As a busy mom, I am on the look-out for things with both “form and function.” I love that I can wear such a beautiful piece of jewelry and have it serve such a unique and very necessary purpose at the same time. Emily C. has created a one-of-a-kind treasure that is worth its weight in… well, you know. Thank you!"
- Allison, from Liberty Hill, Texas
"I absolutely love my Emily C necklace! I have the white gold Scallop design and it is just amazing. It's beautiful, it goes with everything, and it's really fun and practical. I'm always taking off my engagement ring to wash dishes or do a craft project and with my necklace I never worry about misplacing my ring or harming the platinum setting. Thanks, Emily C, for keeping my engagement ring safe and chic."
- Kristina, Santa Monica, CA
"I have carpal tunnel in both arms, which causes my fingers to swell up regularly. I'm always concerned about what to do with my rings because they are irreplaceable heirloom pieces from my husband's great grandma and great-great grandma. Your necklace provides the perfect solution! Thank you!"
- Soraiya, Costa Mesa, CA
"The Emily C necklace is very easy to use. I caught onto the method immediately after watching the video. I have the heart design and love the way it looks. I definitely feel the necklace will protect me from losing my ring again. Whether I need to take it off to shower, do dishes, or cook, I will always know right where I put it... on my neck! I wish I had it sooner!"
- Anna, Margate, FL, (Anna handed her engagement ring to her husband as she was getting into the shower, and he accidentally threw it away. We sent her an Emily C necklace after reading her incredible story here.)