About Emily C

In June of 2010, a woman named Emily G. found herself engaged to a most wonderful man. He gave her a gorgeous ring to seal the deal, a ring he'd designed himself around a stunning family diamond.

Emily Crittenden no logo.jpg

Emily adored the ring, and started wondering how she could protect the metal from being scratched or scuffed, and the diamond from becoming dirty and dull. She didn't want to take it off, however, because she couldn't bear to lose it.  She began wearing a simple gold chain around her neck, and attached the ring to it when she went to the gym, got a manicure, cooked, washed dishes, or did other dirty deeds.  Taking a chain off, however, sliding a ring on, and refastening the clasp takes a moment or two, and in Emily’s full life, it became inconvenient.  She began to wish there was a quicker, faster way to attach a ring to a necklace, without the time (and manicure damage!) inherent in fastening and unfastening a chain around her neck.  Emily decided to come up with a way to attach a ring to a necklace quickly, securely, and beautifully.  She succeeded by inventing the Emily C necklace.

In the summer of 2011, Emily G. married that wonderful man, and became Emily C.  She started asking engaged, married, and pregnant friends about what they did with their rings when they wanted to take them off, and found that all of them wished for a more elegant and practical solution.  She committed then and there to bringing her design to women everywhere, and called her new venture Emily C, in honor of the ring and the promise that started it all.