Part puzzle, part magic: a ring holder that stays close to your heart...

Stunning, patented Emily C® necklaces let you instantly attach your most cherished ring (or rings), without unclasping or removing the chain.

Every time you take off your ring, you risk losing it. But leaving it on all the time, even while cleaning, cooking, working, and playing leads to a dirty, dull, often scratched or damaged ring. Precious metals begin to lose their shine, and we all know diamonds don't sparkle when they're dirty... Emily C® has designed an elegant and luxurious solution: a ring holder necklace! It takes only a second to attach your ring, and your necklace not only holds it securely but showcases it in a whole new glamorous way.

Emily C® necklaces are a godsend for any woman with a cherished ring! They are an ideal gift, especially for the newly engaged, married, or pregnant, or for those who work in industries where they must remove their rings.

Each ring holding necklace comes packaged in a glamorous gift box, and enclosed are simple and clear instructions for how to attach your ring to your necklace. Each is expertly and lovingly made in Los Angeles, California, out of the highest quality silver or solid (never vermeil!) yellow, white, or pink gold.

Looking for "Amphora" or "Amphora by Emily C"? Many customers told us that the fact that the necklace, the "Amphora," is "by Emily C," our company, was confusing, so we dropped the name "Amphora." From now on, you can just tell your friends about Emily C necklaces, available at There's one less thing to remember!

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